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technology today!

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The Learning Network's Technology Today class, empowered by NorthStar Digital Literacy, offers live,

hands-on instruction for one-way online activities (such as browsing the web, checking e-mail, researching health information, etc.) two-way online activities (such as interacting online with employers, schools and community organizations) and more advanced applications, such as content creation and telework, in an "on-demand" format as adult learners have interest.

Take your digital skills to the next level: You can schedule one-on-one appointments with our instructor. During this appointment, you decide what you would like to discuss - email, Microsoft word, setting up appointments online, checking your kids' grades on powerschool, etc. 

We offer hour appointments on specific Saturday between 9-12pm. The appointments are held at our office  and also at the LARA location in Lafayette once a month with our instructors. Below you can schedule your appointment at the location you would like to attend, in the calendar you can see what days we hold our

one-on-ones at the Lafayette location. For any questions please contact us at (765) 659-6380 ext 1814 or


765-659-6380 ext. 1814

Thanks for submitting!

Register for Class Using Calendar

Classes are available online through zoom or in-person at Lafayette, IN. Chose the date you prefer, the time slot, and register for your class!

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