Part-time ELL Coordinator
Lafayette Adult Resource Academy 
Frankfort, IN 46041

Pay starts at $15.00
Schedule: Evenings, Monday-Thursday

This part-time position requires an energetic and dedicated individual who is committed to helping adults and out-of-school youth reach college and career goals as defined by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). Working under the regional direction of the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy and the site coordinator, the ELL coordinator will recruit, assess, orient, and retain students to help them learn English language skills, earn their high school equivalency diploma, and pursue job certifications. 

The coordinator will follow orientation procedures and lead an onboarding class that introduces digital literacy skills, classroom procedures, and e-learning platforms to incoming ELL students. The coordinator will also gain a thorough understanding of the Complete Language Assessment System – English (CLASE) test series and its administration. The coordinator will help craft a plan of study for the student to achieve his/her goals. This position will train and supervise any new ELL teachers and assistants at the AE site.  The ELL coordinator will also recruit students and volunteers for the program.


  • Conducting orientation and introductory class for ELL students

  • Managing the records of the ELL students and program 

  • Evaluating and responding to individual student needs in coordination with ELL teachers

  • Maintaining confidentiality of student and program information

  • Learning the data management system to report attendance, enrollments, and testing, and to monitor program performance.

  • Working to ensure that students are welcomed and enrolled, attaining goals in an expeditious manner

  • Following up with students who have missed a week or more of class

  • Attending trainings and meetings with LARA to continuously improve outcome

  • Scheduling and administering pre-, practice, and post-tests to ELL students 

  • Using existing technology effectively in the performance of duties.

  • Performing other work as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred; educator license or degree preferred

  • Excellent communication skills-both written and oral

  • Experience working with diverse adults and out of school youth preferred

  • Positive, optimistic outlook to help students overcome barriers

  • Commitment to education and job training as vehicles for social mobility

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