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conversational Spanish®

for all

why conversational Spanish®?

  • Immediate bridge needed in today's communities

  • Able to serve their Spanish speaking clients better

  • Build trust and connections through the community

Spanish® for all provides:

  • Active, multi-sensory classroom instruction

  • Specific, relevant working vocabulary and scenarios

  • Spontaneous speech and comprehension of target Spanish

  • Learning material for homework: audio files and workbook

  • Deeper understanding of how language is acquired, enhancing effectiveness

  • Cultural research and discussion per module

key features:

  • Key phrases: Are you ok? Do you have an appointment? How can I  help you? Do you have an account with us? What's for lunch? Where do you work/live?

  • Discuss cultural topics: Attitudes and behaviors at work, immigration, regional variety, language barriers, family, etc

  • Gives exposure to language and culture which helps with different language clients

  • Ensures a successful start in 2nd language learning to bridge into deeper study of Spanish language

Class Information

Tuesdays: 5:30 - 8:00 PM

September 05 - November 28  |  2023

$150 to Register

Week of Oct. 10 - off for fall break

Classes In-Person Only

Mexican Street Decoration

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"That was so much fun! You made it really easy to learn and very enjoyable. I  liked it - all the acting, speaking with others, taking turns VERY different way of learning - but it works!"

Student, Colorado Mountain College, Leadville, CO 

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